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Okay. Why an online bookstore? I love books!  I have learned so much from them I could write a book about them. 


Actually I am just a kid. So what. I spend my time learning about some pretty cool stuff. I am pretty knowledgableabout bugs, lizards, snakes and dinosaurs. 


No Bugs or lizards can get too far away. I track them down, even if they try to hide in the engine compartment of Poppi's SUV. 

With Giant Lizard the the Jacksonville M.O.S.H.

I like ships too. I have learned about the Titanic, Luisatainia, the Normandie, Andrea Doria, and the Great Western. And since they are all at the bottom of the sea I have only seen pictures of them. In books of course!

Chasing a lizard under Poppi's SUV.

I got him. Of course I let him go.

Inspecting the anchor in Fernandina Beach, Florida.

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