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So we are just starting out and don't have many books as yet. But we will build and they will come!

$16.95 + (Shipping and Handling)

Thank You For The Shoes

RaffaelaMarie Rizzo 

Trade Paper


The story of an extraordinary ordinary man.


Based on a true story, Thank You for the Shoes reads like literary fiction. Spanning 80 years, two continents and several U.S. states, it follows a 13-year-old, fatherless Italian youth’s remarkable and psychologically challenging journey into manhood as he embarks on a solo journey to find his father’s grave, a man he never knew. Through flashbacks, we come to understand the circumstances and challenges faced by the boy’s father and millions of others who were part of a 30-year migration to the Americas in the late 1880s and the early part of the 20th Century. The young man's journey is fraught with detours, challenges, loss and tragedy, and enriched with love, joy and a triumph of spirit—an imperfect, ordinary man, with an extraordinary helping of faith, hope and family commitment.


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